Reasons Why Girls Avoid Anal Intercourse

18 Jul

Anal intercourse is something which in the end has just two sides, like a coin. Your girl is gonna like it or just hate it. I have quite a few friends who have tried their hands on anal sex and yet have not got anything worth mentioning. They have swear not to try it ever again.

Many of my friends are die hard fan of anal sex porn, have bought anal sex toys and they love it. In spite of this the pain involved in this act refrains them from doing it.

Here we are going to find out why actually does this happen, what are the reasons which stop people from enjoying anal intercourse.

It is painful. This is the most apt statement for majority of couples who have given anal sex a try. They say it hurts as if they are in hell.

Its dry and difficult. Yes, this is the second most common reason, as the anal does not produce its own lubricant so the person has to prepare beforehand for an anal intercourse.

Its harmful. This probably is among the most common excuses I have received so far. Most of my pals who suffered an unsuccessful attempt save their ass by framing this. They say their partner got cuts during anal sex and she could not defaecate for one entire week. Thats very sad!!

It smells bad. Well, this is probably the funniest excuse one can frame. The odor during anal penetration is a bit disturbing and thus people might use it as an excuse.

The reason behind this is the lack of knowledge and preparation. The anal sex takes practice to perfect and once you have perfected the art you are going to have a fun filled and healthy sex relationship. It need not involve any anal sex toy or some vibrator. You can begin with fingers, good lubricants, oils and then just experiment.


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